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Fresh Stuff from Big Boi

July 24, 2017 Leave a comment


One-half of the legendary hip-hop duo OutKast, Big Boi is back with a new album titled Boomiverse.

While his counterpart Andre 3000 is often credited with being one of the best of all time, Big Boi is still, as XXL reports, “flying the Atlanta lyricist flag in an era of mumble rap repetition.”

The instinctive balance he applies to his music straddles the fine line between cunning wordsmith and strategic songwriter, both of which have appeared while alone and as part of that iconic pair. It’s a skill that is incredibly unique to Big and since OutKast’s musical disbandment; it has been taken horrendously for granted. But Mr. Patton is now on his third solo album (four if you count the Phantogram collaborative album, Big Grams) and realistically has nothing left to prove to anyone yet on Boomiverse he sounds as hungry as he did back in the day when he was rocking shoulder-length braids and all-white velour tracksuits.

Although this album is considered a solo album, Big brings along a slew of different friends and flavors with him in attempts to create his own booming universe. In many instances, it sounds like you are listening to a playlist of Big’s favorite music, just with his own verses spread throughout.


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October 7, 2015 Leave a comment


by Mat Weir

“Have you heard the new Big Grams album?” my buddy, Thomas Dawson, asked from the other room. “It’s the new collaboration from Big Boi and Phantogram.”

Wait, what? I didn’t even hear about this, let alone know it was already out.

When we last left Big Boi–aka ½ of Dirty South hip hop legends, Outkast–he dropped a 2012 solo album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors which also featured the electronic duo, Phantogram.

Apparently the three really enjoyed working with each other because last month they dropped the 7 song, self-titled, full-length.

Big Grams is  a curiously infectious album from two equally talented artists, even if their combination might seem strange at first. The psych pop rhythms and spacey beats of Phantogram complement the street knowledge delivered with Big Boi’s signature smooth flow.

The futuristic sound allows the listener to be an introvert, providing an ethereal plane to dive deeply into one’s thoughts and feelings.I haven’t tried it yet, but something tells me this would be a great soundtrack on a long drive in the black of night. Running from the past, heading into a great unknown, guided only by a few twinkling sparks of golden hope. Just like the chorus on the second track, “I hope you keep your lights on for me.”

Check out Big Grams this year at the Treasure Island Festival  Oct 17-18