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Digging the Local

May 22, 2015 Leave a comment

by Mat Weir

Hot damn has it been a crazy month! Record Store Day and the ensuing aftermath has kept us all crazy busy here at the store. Add to that four other jobs, one insane (now ex) “friend with benefits,” jangled nerves, an impatience for boredom and a taste for weird life experiences at ungodly hours after the bars close and you get glimpse into my madness.

April was also a frenzied month for consignment inventory, with nine different new additions to our stock. It might be a little late, but this list is guaranteed to have a least one item that’ll tickle your pickle.



Written and illustrated by local artist, James Reitano, it’s a semi-autobiographical work about a graffiti artist growing up in a small, seaside town. All you locs will recognize Santa Cruz landmarks throughout the pages and you might even see a familiar name or three. Maybe it’s your buddy’s older sibling who you thought was always kinda lame or that guy on the corner who always bums change. Reitano has already made several issues, each with its own, unique mix CD–created by his friends–for a multi-sensory experience in nostalgia.


Simpler is better, especially when telling someone to go fuck themselves. Just ask poet Jorie Henrickson, the local author of Fukiu: Seventeen Syllables of Sarcasm, Scorn and Spite. In the most minimal ways, she takes on every issue from Monsanto to jay-walking students with a sharp tongue and deadly wit. For instance, take this lovely little tome about housemates: “My food is not your food. I now lick it all. Go to the fucking store.”



Featuring members of Decrepit Birth, Sons of Aurelius, Flesh Consumed and Deeds of Flesh, Hypothesis is the debut from the Santa Cruz technical death metalheads. Both the band’s and album’s names pay homage to Georg Cantor’s 1898 theory on multiple layers of infinity. Needless to say, The Hypothesis is packed with mind-bending guitars and layers of time changes tinted with science fiction flavor to get your hair windmilling.



Oakland’s melodic punk quartet, Dearly Divided, might only be two years old but they’ve already cut their teeth in the punk scene. Their self-titled debut and live shows earned them much due respect throughout the Bay and beyond. If you like NoFX, Jawbreaker, Pennywise and other late 80s-early ‘90s punk, then Dearly Divided is the updated sound you’ve been looking for.



Oakland born and San Francisco livin’ rapper San Quinn has been in the business since age 12 when he first opened up for 2Pac and the Digital Underground. Since then, he has been on the grind, constantly hustling new albums and rhymes. Whether it’s his solo project or his work with the Bay Area group, Get Low Playaz, whenever San Quinn plays it’s guaranteed to be sold-out. We just re-upped on a couple of his solo albums and a few comps he’s featured on. Get at yer boy!


Digging on the Local – Luke Sweeney: Adventure: Us

April 23, 2015 Leave a comment


by Mat Weir

March wasn’t a big month for our local consignment section, but the one we did get—Luke Sweeney’s Adventure: Us—is a doozy.

The Bay Area artist has been making a name for himself in the San Francisco indie rock scene since his 2013 debut, Ether Ore. While that album was a more stripped-down, dreamy-singer package, Adventure: Us bolsters Sweeney’s melodic voice with elements of garage-psyche. Mix in tracks like “Open Those Savage Eyes” with its Lowrider appeal and you have a sound that is organically California.


We have five copies of Adventure: Us on black, 180-gram vinyl, complete with download card and full lyrics printed on the inner sleeve.

Pick up a copy, open a window, drop the needle and partake in your favorite relaxant and get ready to be adventurous with Luke Sweeney.

Introducing…Digging On the Local

March 12, 2015 Leave a comment

by Mat Weir

As much of a slave to capitalism that we are (as a business), Streetlight Records is the people’s record store. Like a museum, we’re here to serve the community with a specialized art form; we’re just better because for a nominal fee you can take the pieces with you and into your life.

Part of this commitment is providing an outlet for local or touring bands—the musicians who play shitty bars after a 5-10 hour drive and two flat tires, only to arrive at an empty venue and no pay; just to do it again a few hours later. The unsung, unsigned warriors of the road and heroes of the local honky-tonks.

With each band that passes through our store, we offer a consignment contract to sell their records with us. Digging On the Local will be a monthly installment on the blog, dedicated to the new CDs, LPs, and cassettes you can’t find anywhere else. Seriously. Long live the Revolution.


ACRYLICSFuck Freak cassette: This two piece (I think? Not much is known about them in Internetland) act hails from Santa Rosa and accurately describes themselves as “freak punk.” Their latest release, Fuck Freak, is six songs that sound like Pere Ubu and Rudimentary Peni had a love-child who then told its parents to fuck themselves. If you like abrasive, annoying, weird-ass punk then this tape’s for you. I can’t stop listening to it, but I’m also a masochist.


JAH ICE – All the way from Kingston, Jamaica, Jah Ice is real Dancehall Reggae, none of that poser stuff you get at. . .wherever you get fake Dancehall from. It’s spiritual, it’s dancy, it’s auto-tuned. All I know is he dropped off the CDs then played Bob Marley’s Birthday Bash at the Catalyst. Seems legit to me.