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Midheaven Confirms: MELVINS Represses Are Coming In January!

December 1, 2014 Leave a comment


by Kyle Kessler

Progenitors of sludge metal and grunge icons, (the) MELVINS, are notoriously bad at keeping their albums in-print. Fans agonize over their extremely limited releases, spending upwards of $100-$200 for their early works (particularly Houdini, which was released on Atlantic and may never be repressed on vinyl). So when I heard a rumor about four early MELVINS LPs being repressed I greeted the news warily. Were they going to be just another set of bootlegs? Is the whole thing a hoax or could my dreams possibly be coming true? Is sludge Santa Claus REAL??

“Buy these damn represses, you punk. It’s never gonna happen again.”

The answer is hard to believe, so brace yourself: Midheaven has confirmed that not only are they doing re-presses of early MELVINS LPs, they are repressing what are arguably the most sought-after and rare pieces: Eggnog, Ozma, Lysol, and Bullhead.

Melvins2 Melvins3

The represses are being packaged as 2xLP sets. One is Ozma/Bullhead and the other is Eggnog/Lysol (name changed to Lice-all due to an ancient lawsuit from the cleaning agent manufacturer). They are reasonably priced at around $26 for each set, and will be remastered (though it hasn’t been revealed who is engineering it). According to Midheaven:

“The LPs have been remastered and are back in print on vinyl for the first time in 15 years. The new gatefold packaging includes never-before-seen vintage photos, as well as the original artwork and insert, all tidied up and ready to meet Mom and Dad. Free download (with one extra track) is included.”

The release date for both sets is January 20th and these suckers are sure to sell out quick!