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Fresh Stuff from the Shins


The Shins are back with Heartworms, the first album since 2012’s Port of Morrow.

Once a band, the Shins is now a one-man project, the brainchild of frontman and songwriter James Mercer.

For Heartworms, Mercer played the role of writer, musician and producer. The album brings Mercer’s loner tendencies to the surface. As Pitchfork reports:

Heartworms…is the first album where he fully embraces the reality that he is the Shins. Self-produced and recorded with a smaller cast than its predecessor, it’s the most hermetic LP he’s released since 2001’s Oh, Inverted World, the last album he recorded himself. At times it overtly calls back to that debut. With its psychedelic patter, “Dead Alive” is an almost direct sequel to “One by One All Day,” drawing out that song’s reverb-soaked outro into its own romp, like some kind of self-written fan fiction.


01. Name for You
02. Painting a Hole
03. Cherry Hearts
04. Fantasy Island
05. Mildenhall
06. Rubber Ballz
07. Half a Million
08. Dead Alive
09. Heartworms
10. So Now What
11. The Fear


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