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Fresh Stuff from Of Montreal


Of Montreal is back with its 14th album, Innocence Reaches. It’s a rich and textured offering that spans the band’s vast spectrum, from psych and electronica to garage-rock and glimmery pop.

At the heart of the album is the song, “It’s Different for Girls,” an anthemic, disco-esque tune that calls out differences in how boys and girls are raised and treated in society:

It’s different for girls
From when they are children
They’re depersonalized
Aggressively objectified

The social observation, however, is just one aspect of an album that sees frontman Kevin Barnes in good form. As NPR puts it:

“Through all the genre splicing and experimentation, Barnes’ classic pop songcraft shines through. Scrape away all the digital technology and sumptuous effects — not that you’d want to — and there are still Beatles, Kinks and Beach Boys songs bubbling beneath. Barnes’ knack for supple, indelible melody, as well as his love of pomp, melodrama and lavish flourishes of texture and verse, have made Of Montreal one of the most consistently captivating bands of the past 20 years. Bursting like an overripe peach, Innocence Reaches is no different.”

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