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Gaslight Anthem Frontman Steps Out


As leader of heartland rock outfit the Gaslight Anthem, Brian Fallon perfected the art of balancing alt-country edginess and swagger with sensitive and insightful tunes that provide a glimpse into slice-of-life America in the spirit of one of their key influences, Bruce Springsteen.

The band is now on indefinite hiatus and Fallon has stepped out on his own. His new album, Painkillers, sees the New Jersey-born singer-songwriter showcasing his songwriting chops on his first post-Gaslight Anthem solo album.

True to Fallon’s form, Painkillers is has some grit and edginess, but that is balanced out by soft acoustic numbers, lyrical vulnerability, and a maturing sense of timeless music making. As NME writes:

“Instead of the butch riffing that Fallon made his name with, Painkillers plugs directly into the roots of country and laid-back acoustic songwriting. Yet it still retains a sense of toughness. This is the closest Fallon has come to Springsteen’s Nebraska so far, teaming up with Nashville-based producer Butch Walker, who also worked with Frank Turner on his 2015 album Positive Songs For Negative People…Like Turner, Fallon doesn’t shy away from injecting a little ferocity into folk music.”


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