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Fresh Stuff from Patty Griffin


If you follow roots music, you already know that Patty Griffin is one of the quiet favorites of the genre—a brilliant songwriter and artist who pours her soul into her writing, playing, and singing.

Outside of the genre, however, Griffin is a lesser-known entity as she veers away from pop music formulas to dig deep into her subjects and their stories.

Her latest album, Servant of Love, sees Griffin pushing the envelope further as she blends trance-inducing guitar work and singing with her characteristically human stories that spotlight the artist’s strengths. As Rolling Stone writes:

“As a singer, she doesn’t have huge range or operatic power. But with tone and phrasing that can occasionally recalls Billie Holiday, Griffin makes magic with what she’s got. Per usual, she’s got beautifully-crafted songs. What’s different is how they communicate, through incantatory vibe and groove as much as storytelling and poetry. “Good and Gone” and “Everything’s Changed” build on hypnotic looped guitar phrases set against kalimba patterns and drones, charting deep folk blues with North African inflections. The same spirit informs “250,000 Miles,” with Griffin’s remarkable guitar work and haunting backing vocals by Shawn Colvin. It’s a sketch about the loss of a daughter, set against a desert, with images of tea and forced servitude echoing the fiction of Paul Bowles.”

Have a listen:

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