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Explosions in the Sky Take to the Wilderness


Post-rock mastermind band, Explosions in the Sky, is back with a new album, the Wilderness. It’s the seventh studio album of the band’s long career and its first since 2o11.

Where the band has been known for long, sprawling compositions that lend themselves to long and deep listening sessions, the Wilderness sees Explosions in the Sky tightening things up and shortening the length of the tracks. But, despite the changes, the brilliant and beautiful EitS sound remains.

As Consequence of Sound writes,

“[T]he Austin-based quartet have established a formula that’ll be recognizable to any post-rock fan — and even many who’ve just seen a few recent movies. Perhaps it was that sort of creative clarity that led them to this year’s The Wilderness, the group’s most profound deviation yet from the EiTS ‘norm.’ Though the idea of a norm might carry a certain amount of critical side-eye, with Explosions in the Sky, that norm has, for nearly 20 years, been an undeniable and, more importantly, unduplicated point of distinction.

“The record is immediately recognizable as an EiTS record, but also a new translation of their sound, almost as if the group has learned to communicate their core through an entirely new language. That’s a risk by any standard, and as such, The Wilderness is not only a resounding success for EiTS, it’s a demonstration of just how musically agile these guys are.”

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