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Andrew Bird: Are You Serious


Singer-songwriter Andrew Bird is back with a new album—the first since getting married and having a baby.

Are You Serious looks at life, love, struggle and growing older through the lens of Bird’s trademark intricacy, depth, and contemplation. The album sees an artist further honing his already-impressive craft while deepening his understanding of himself and those around him.

As NPR writes,

“Given Bird’s classical training and devotion to precision, his work has always had at least the potential to become bloodless and pale — the work of a perfectionist who agonizes over every note, only to let his busy brain mute his own beating heart. Instead, though, his writing keeps sounding warmer, sweeter, more thoughtful and approachable, while continuing to land lines that stick with you for days.”

Here’s Bird performing “Left Handed Kisses” with Fiona Apple.

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