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Fresh Stuff from Lucinda Williams

February 19, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments


by Cat Johnson

The inimitable Americana rocker Lucinda Williams is back with a new album titled The Ghosts of Highway 20.

The double album is the second collection of original material, following 2014’s Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone, that Williams has released on her own label, Highway 20 Records.

Being hailed by critics as one of the best of her 40 year career, The Ghosts of Highway 20 is full of haunting imagery and emotional vulnerability. There are numerous songs about loss and death—something that Williams didn’t intend initially but found herself dealing with. As she told Billboard:

“There’s obviously a lot of grieving going on… Between my mother’s death in 2004, and my father’s [poet and literature professor Miller Williams] in 2015, I’ve been dealing with that process for the last 10 years or so. My father-in-law passed away about two months before my dad, so it was a pretty heavy time of loss.”

The album sees the road-weary master storyteller and poet at her finest, weaving tales of lost America, desert roads, heartache, loss and joy. For longtime fans of Williams, this one is not to be missed as it reveals a deeper side to the artist who has already given so much.

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