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Taang! Records 45s – Part 3

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by Raul

The last three singles in this series of Taang! reissues were all part of the same Massachusetts scene. Each band with a different sound, but all in their own way left their mark not only in their area, but in both the punk and indie music world.

Evan Dando and his two friends Ben Deily and Jesse Peretz recorded this single the day after their high school graduation in 1986 and self released it on their own Huh-Bag. “Laughing All The Way To The Cleaners” was not originally released on Taang!, but with their Husker-Du like sound they gained the labels attention and released the Hate Your Friends full length a year later. They eventually went on to be MTV big in the ’90s and Dando, with his good looks and great voice, became a teenage heart throb.

Lemonheads – Laughing All The Way To The Cleaners

Although they didn’t reach the stardom of the Lemonheads, the Moving Target’s  music was in the same vein.  Holding their own and playing shows with their hardcore peers the Moving Target’s released four albums and two singles filled with melodic rhythm driven pop punk.

Moving Targets – Less Than Gravity

Last in this series of Taang! records reissues is Slapshot, one of the biggest and most influential bands of the Boston scene. Featuring Jack “Choke” Kelly (Negative FX, Last Rights) on vocals, Slapshot put the hard in Hardcore. With their driving guitar and Choke’s distinct punk rock growl, they could get the crowd going and joining in with their great sing along choruses.

Slapshot – Same Mistake/Might Makes Right

All these singles are available for your listening pleasure at Streetlight, come by and pick up one or all ten.

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