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45 Update: Taang! Records Re-issues

January 27, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments


by Raul

Hey 45 lovers, it’s been a while, but I’m back with a three part series of classic ’80s punk and hardcore re-issues from Taang Records. These are must-haves for both the rabid collector and beginners alike.

There are ten singles from nine different bands all with a different sound, but the same message and Reagan Era angst. Here are the first four:


Let’s start with Gang Green, a Massachusetts band heavily influential on the Boston hardcore scene. “Sold Out” was the first record issued on Taang! and it features all three original members: Chris Doherty, Bill Manley, and Mike Dean.


This is the first official issue since its original release in 1984. A year later Taang! released a second Gang Green single, “Skate To Hell.” This time with a line up change. Now a four-piece with founding member Chris Doherty being the only original member and a new dual guitar sound.


Next on our list is Last Rights’ Chunks, another important band in the Boston scene and the second release for Taang!. Featuring Jack “Choke” Kelly (Negative FX, Slapshot) and Blair “Twisted” William Borden (Slapshot), Chunks is a two minute, in-your-face hardcore blast and it will run you about $300 for an original copy. There is also a great version of this song by fellow Massachusetts heroes Dinosaur Jr.


Last and just as important, but not as popular as the last two bands is Stranglehold. Even though they had Gang Green member Chris Doherty on guitar, they didn’t have the same hard and loud guitar sound. Stranglehold had more of a British influence, sounding more like Stiff Little Fingers than their peers. That didn’t stop them from playing with the harder edged bands in the scene.

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