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Richard Thompson and Jeff Tweedy Team Up On “Still”


by Cat Johnson

In June, Richard Thompson released his 16th solo studio album. Titled Still, the album, which is garnering rave reviews for its stark production and, not surprising, solid songwriting, was produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy at Wilco’s The Loft Studio in Chicago. As Pitchfork reports,

“Decades into his career, Richard Thompson remains a perennial critical favorite, favorite of other musicians, and cult hero; his guitar work (hybrid picking, bizarre tuning, and soloing that never feels too self-indulgent) is unparalleled and his songwriting taut, brainy, dry and dark. Still is no departure for Thompson—it’s a solid, stark record, expanding on and refining themes that wend their way through his significant oeuvre. But it brings a further depth and resonance to territory that will be familiar to longtime fans, and it’s vivid enough to serve as an entry point for those new to his work. For a veteran like Thompson, it’s hard to ask for more than that.”

As the story goes, Thompson approached Tweedy with a desire to “shake up his approach to making records.” For Tweedy, it was an opportunity to work with one of his inspirations.

“Richard’s been one of my favorite guitar players for a very long time,” he told Uncut. [H]e’s also one of my favorite songwriters and favorite singers.”

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