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Smacking at the Lips for the RSD 2015 List


by Mat Weir

Record junkies, vinyl freaks and wax fetishists rejoice! It’s THAT time of year once again! I hate Spring; my allergies short-circuit and we lose an hour of time. However, if this season has any redeeming qualities, they lie on (this year) April 18, or as we addicts call it through foaming mouths, RECORD STORE DAY.

As with many fans and collectors, I have my gripes with the “holiday”—too many reissues of boring or already available material (e.g. The Doors. SNOOZE.), too many commercial releases, too much damn cost, etc—and most of the yearly lists do nothing for my fix. However, every year there’s always a small list of gems that get me jonesing for another hit and this year RSD is slinging some high-quality shit.


The fifth album in the White Stripes lexicon, Get Behind Me Satan has been a coveted LP for fans and collectors alike because it’s never actually been mass produced on vinyl. When the album came out in 2005, White intended to re-record it live with fellow bandmate, Meg White, but that never happened. A small pressing was made for music journalists, but those copies have long been gouged on price. Personally, this is one of three White Stripes albums I can stand to listen to from beginning to end and is considered their most musically diverse, so I have to admit I’m stoked for this one.


Long before their Cartoon Network notoriety, El-P and Killer Mike made their separate marks on the music scene, by rising to the mainstream from the underground, OG styles. Although their debut collaboration, Run the Jewels, dropped in 2013, this year’s RSD features a five song E.P. by the duo with bonus tracks and B-sides from the album sessions. As a extra nod to fans, the fifth track is a never-before-released cut with Despot and Wiki. Honestly, I’d buy this just for the “Pew Pew Pew” joint, that shit is fire, son!


This four piece from Hotlanta, Georgia bring with them sweet melodies and raucous energy in a lazy haze of twenty-something angst. Last year, Streetlight Records was lucky enough to have them play a FREE IN-STORE with the release of their sophomore album, Sunswimmer, before blowing up on the late-night, television circuit. This RSD, Normaltown Records is releasing a five song E.P (recorded at 45rpm for maximum quality), however, all of the tracks were recorded LIVE on last year’s tour. Will their Santa Cruz date (at the Blue Lagoon) or any of their other Bay Area dates make the cut? I’m going to find out.


Every RSD there is always one Jazz album I end up buying, and this year my money goes to Monk. As the name indicates, this is the second installment of Monk’s final session as a band leader. He’s backed by famed bassist Al McKibbon and the infamous Art Blakey on drums, which really sells it for me. Not to mention this is the first time the album has been pressed on wax in almost 30 years AND it’s limited to 2,000 copies, so why not? Even if it sucks in some ironic twist of fate, having it on your shelf will impress members of the opposite sex and trick your friends into thinking you’re much deeper of a human being than presupposed.


OOOOOHHH SSSSHHHHHHHEEEEIIIIIIIITTTTT! Immortal Technique’s 2002 debut album, pressed for the first time on vinyl?!? Let me take a second to honor my ancestors before cocking my AK and hitting the front lines of the revolution. Because Technique is 100% independent, he has NO trouble saying whatever-the-fuck he wants in his lyrics, or maybe I got that the other way around (chicken or the egg?). Either way, Technique has been one of my favorites since I first heard him after high school and this will fit nicely next to my copies of Revolutionary Vol 2 and 3rd World.

HAWKWIND – HAWKWIND – 12” Orange Vinyl.

Since its 1970 inception, Hawkwind’s debut has been a cornerstone in the psych/doom metal community and now it is being reissued on splatter vinyl. Original copies aren’t rare, however, there also isn’t a plethora out there, and nicer copies can go for a pretty penny, so fuck it. I don’t mind flipping a couple dollars for an album that helped define a genre and was produced by the Pretty Things guitarist, Dick Taylor.


If you don’t know this gem then you got no soul, brother. Originally released in 1967, the title track peaked at #19 on the Billboard charts and earned the singer instant stardom but you can still catch “Gimme Little Sign” on commercial radio. His sugary voice will brighten the worst of days and halfway through the album you’ll catch yourself dancing when nobody is looking. This is a MUST HAVE for any soul fan since it’s the first time being reissued on vinyl in 48 years.

GWAR – America Must Be Destroyed – 2×12” Vinyl

Bro. GWAR. ON VINYL. Not really much more to say about that but here are a few things to tickle your Cuttlefish. Not only is it a pressing of the Scumdog’s third album from 1992 (inspired by police in North Carolina confiscating Oderus’ spraying penis attachment aka the “Cuttlefish of Cthulu” on obscenity charges) but it also features vocals by the now deceased Dave Brockie (RIP, you bastard!) and one of the current lead vocalists, Danielle Stampe (aka ex-Slymenstra Hymen, now Vulvatron). If that doesn’t have you raging for blood, this double LP also comes with POP-MOTHERFUCKING-UP ART reminding fans that GWAR wants you to play with yourself while listening to their wholesome tunes.


Someone—I forget who—once said, “In a perfect world, the Replacements would be the number one band ever,” and by God, they might be right. Originally released as a 7” in the U.K., it features the classic tracks “Alex Chilton,” “Nightclub Jitters,” “Election Day” and “Route 66” from the band’s iconic fifth album, Pleased to Meet Me.”


Over the years I’ve flip-flopped on whether or not I like the Black Keys but my love for Kimbrough knows no end. This is another installment in the RSD split-single series and commemorates the 20th anniversary of Junior’s debut, All Night Long.

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