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Introducing…Digging On the Local

by Mat Weir

As much of a slave to capitalism that we are (as a business), Streetlight Records is the people’s record store. Like a museum, we’re here to serve the community with a specialized art form; we’re just better because for a nominal fee you can take the pieces with you and into your life.

Part of this commitment is providing an outlet for local or touring bands—the musicians who play shitty bars after a 5-10 hour drive and two flat tires, only to arrive at an empty venue and no pay; just to do it again a few hours later. The unsung, unsigned warriors of the road and heroes of the local honky-tonks.

With each band that passes through our store, we offer a consignment contract to sell their records with us. Digging On the Local will be a monthly installment on the blog, dedicated to the new CDs, LPs, and cassettes you can’t find anywhere else. Seriously. Long live the Revolution.


ACRYLICSFuck Freak cassette: This two piece (I think? Not much is known about them in Internetland) act hails from Santa Rosa and accurately describes themselves as “freak punk.” Their latest release, Fuck Freak, is six songs that sound like Pere Ubu and Rudimentary Peni had a love-child who then told its parents to fuck themselves. If you like abrasive, annoying, weird-ass punk then this tape’s for you. I can’t stop listening to it, but I’m also a masochist.


JAH ICE – All the way from Kingston, Jamaica, Jah Ice is real Dancehall Reggae, none of that poser stuff you get at. . .wherever you get fake Dancehall from. It’s spiritual, it’s dancy, it’s auto-tuned. All I know is he dropped off the CDs then played Bob Marley’s Birthday Bash at the Catalyst. Seems legit to me.

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