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Scott Walker + Sunn O))) – Soused

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by David Morales

Scott Walker pretty much always did whatever he wanted. Since his beginnings with the Walker Brothers he took creative control. His work was always very introspective and avant-garde, not only in his lyrics but also in the arrangements which he helped create. Scott surrounded himself with his ideas and always pushed harder and harder to express his deepest thoughts, destroying his popstar image in the process. Scott’s latest work is an ongoing continuation of his art: complex, dark, and abrasive but slightly restrained. The work is minimal by both contributing artists’ standards.

“Brando” opens with Scott’s deep commanding voice, and beneath it a shimmering string synth and a nice clean guitar lick that gives you the illusion that you can get comfortable and enjoy a nice operatic ballad. But before you even finish that thought, the strings fade and you’re left with only guitar feedback and suddenly you are slammed with Sunn’s massive guitar tone and a pulsing low end synth beat. Bull whip cracks holds you down throughout the track.

A beating
would do me
a world of good.

Unless you’re a psychopath this music will make you feel a certain way. Scott and Sunn’s music may be disturbing to most but it’s not completely about that. These sounds are more of a mirror of sorts that forces you to look at yourself, and that’s what makes this music so powerful. Your own mind is your best friend and worst enemy. This could either be an enjoyable listen or an unpleasant reminder of your problems. It’s all up to your past experiences to decide.

The 48 minute album slowly drags you through a minimal, industrial beating that is startling at first. Your first reaction is to skip the tracks but it eventually takes hold of you and after a while you start to enjoy it. You tune into it and start to understand it in some way. You become unafraid, because you realize that you were controlling the guitars, synths and whips all along.

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