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GRAVEYARD’s Magnum Opus “Hisingen Blues” Gets Audiophile Treatment for Black Friday

November 14, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments


by Kyle Kessler

Since at least the early 2000s, Sweden has been making waves in contemporary doom-rock circles. Between the formation of WITCHCRAFT in 2000 and Gothenburg’s own GRAVEYARD in 2006, the progressive European state has resurrected the psych/blues sounds of classics like POSSESSED and CAPTAIN BEYOND by adding in the somber moods and crooning vocals of doom metal and the musical chops of Swedish jazz and hard rock, rapidly setting a new standard for musical prowess in a genre dominated by power chord worship and simple song structures.

GRAVEYARD made waves with their self titled debut in 2007 and set the bar even higher with Hisingen Blues, their best selling album to date. Hisingen Blues is a veritable powerhouse of riffs reminiscent of DANAVA combined with SHINKI CHEN. Definitely a winner for fans of heavy guitars and blues scale jams.


Nuclear Blast! is giving Hisingen Blues an audiophile treatment in a 5×10″ box set mastered at 45 RPM for increased fidelity and frequency response in the bass range. This set was formerly an exclusive release to Europe and near impossible to acquire in the USA until next Record Store Day’s Black Friday on 11/28/2014. This pressing will be an RSD exclusive limited to 200 copies and should be available at Streetlight Records.

[Editor’s note: as with all Record Store Day releases, we place orders and hope for the best but can’t guarantee that we’ll have a particular title until it shows up. Call the store as we get closer to Black Friday and we can confirm whether we received a certain title.]

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