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Beetlejuice: the Movie, the TV Series and the Sequel

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by Cherene

Tim Burton is the king of odd movies, most of which have gained a cult following. Most of his films are a bit on the dark side but also have some comedy in it so it’s not a complete downer. For instance, Beetlejuice, one of my favorite movies with two of my favorite people of all time, is about a recently deceased couple, the Maitlands, who use a ‘bio-exorcist’ to remove the annoying new owners of their house. After being warned to not contact the ‘bio-exorcist’ they try to scare the family out of the house on their own to no avail.

The Maitlands then befriend the daughter of the annoying new owners, Lydia Deetz who is strange and unusual, and also the only person that can see the dead couple. When Lydia’s parents hire an interior decorator named Otho and turn the house into some weird grey modern art thing, the Maitlands go against the given advice and consider hiring Beetlejuice to scare the family away. They soon realize why they were advised to not to engage in his services: he is too rude and obscene for the Maitlands liking and they end up not hiring him; but that doesn’t stop him from terrorizing the Deetzs.

Otho, the interior designer, tries to summon the Maitlands so that everyone can see them and use them as an amusement attraction but instead performs an exorcism on the Maitlands and they soon start to decay at a rapid pace. Lydia sees no choice but to summon Beetlejuice to help save her new friends and Beetlejuice accepts under one condition: Lydia accepts Beetlejuice’s hand in marriage. So the movie is pretty much about a ghost couple who want to haunt a house to keep it to themselves but make friends with a teenaged human who sacrifices herself to a demon to save the ghosts from dying again.

The cast in this movie is amazing: Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Catherine O’Hara and my two favorite people Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder. I don’t know why I think Winona Ryder is so amazing. She could literally take the Nerds rope out of my hand and eat it and if someone asked who stole my Nerds rope I wouldn’t even glance in her direction I would just say I don’t know. I’ve been down with Winona Ryder ever since she was carrying around a clarinet and being dissed by Corey Haim in Lucas. So say what you want but almost every movie she’s been in rules.

Beetlejuice: the Series

Sometimes when a movie does really well someone gets the genius idea to make it into a television show and it ends up being sucky. Beetlejuice, the animated T.V show is an exception. One of the reasons is that Tim Burton developed it and was an executive producer on the series. Danny Elfman who did the music for the movie also did the theme music for the cartoon.

The television show is a little different from the movie. In the cartoon, Beetlejuice is friends with Lydia and they go on adventures and explore the ‘real world’ and the undead ‘netherworld’ which is way different than in the movie. I really enjoyed the television show.

Beetlejuice: the Sequel

If you have seen Beetlejuice and enjoy it as much as I do then you’ll love the news about Beetlejuice 2! At first I thought it was a terrible idea, but then I heard that Michael Keaton and Tim Burton are going to be a part of it and that totally changed my mind.

So come on down to Streetlight Records and pick up your copy of Beetlejuice for less than $8 dollars in our Cult section filed under Tim Burton, along with his other films. Or take a gander at our Kids section and pick up your copy of Beetlejuice the animated series.

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