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The Spirit of Halloween – Goosebumps

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by Cherene

When I was younger I saw some pretty scary movies and didn’t think anything else would freak me out, but I was proven wrong by Goosebumps in elementary school. Goosebumps was first brought to me by the Scholastic Book Fair as a book series written by R.L Stine. I went crazy with those books. Anytime I saw one I’d have to own it. I know I wasn’t the only kid who freaked out about them because soon there was a Goosebumps TV show and Goosebumps stuff every where, from pencils to bedsheets.

When I was younger I used to watch a lot of weird TV shows. For some reason I really liked Designing Women, Welcome Back Kotter and Perfect Strangers, but there were some shows that were normal for a kid to like; like Goosebumps. The book series was now a television show and I watched it whenever I could. It was scary but not too scary to where I’d be sleeping with the light on. There were two episodes in particular that really freaked me out as a kid: “Night in Terror Tower” and “Say Cheese and Die.” I had already read the books but for some reason seeing it played out weirded me out way more.

“Night in Terror Tower” was a two-parter and I think they made you wait a week until you found out if these kids were going to be lost in time forever or if this crazy guy is going to kill them or not.

“Say Cheese and Die” was also another one that scared me. These kids find a weird looking camera when they’re snooping around an old warehouse. The camera predicts the future of people when you take their picture. The weird thing about it is that camera only predicts bad things happening to people. I don’t know why that weirded me out as a kid, because now that I’m older and rewatching different episodes it’s all hilarious, noticing that some of the masks and makeup were really bad and now understanding that most of the actors were Canadian and that’s the reason why when they said ‘alright’ or I know’ it sounded funny. Oh, and some of the characters are in other stuff as adults; the main character in “Say Cheese and Die” is Ryan Gosling.


There is talk of a Goosebumps movie in the works. Jack Black will play a young writer named R.L Stine whose imaginary monsters are set free in a town in Maryland. His niece and a neighborhood kid team up to cage all the monsters. I’m actually excited for this to come out in theatres!

So, if you have a niece or nephew that you’d like to scare and not scar for life, the Goosebumps TV series is a good starting point. You can find our Goosebumps DVDs in our kids’ section.

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