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Four Scores From Seven Days Ago

by Cherene

Burger Records done did it again!! Last week we got a bunch of cassette tapes from Burger Records and lately my cassette game has been slippin’ so…

I bought two off the strength of the cover art, one because it said Fresno on it, and the last one was because I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about it. I’ll start with what I listened to first, which also happens to be in the order of why I bought them.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.58.20 AM

Chico Sonido – Nalga (booty) Bass
Let me tell you, this tape right here will boogie woogie on your brain. I was not prepared for this tape at all. I was not expecting it to sound like I was at some cumbia club. It reminded me of walking down the strip in Acapulco on Friday night which is nothing but a party almost every five steps. The track with Ninas Fresas featuring Camila Sodi is a lot slower than the rest of the tape but might be my favorite track on the whole tape.



Death Valley Girls – Street Venom
What could easily be mistaken as delinquent biker gang actually turned out to be a new favorite group. The best way to describe it would be…they sound like the Go Go’s if they said F word to MTV and the lineup change, then added Kathleen Hanna’s voice somewhere in there, and at the same time went a little heavy sort of like L7. That’s the best way to describe what I think Death Valley Girls sound like.


Various Artists – Party in the Tower
The only reason I bought this tape was because it said Fresno and that is a town near where I’m from so of course I bought it. It’s a compilation of four different bands from Fresno between 1980-88 and each band has four songs. I’m glad I bought it because it was all really good. I especially liked the Clams, on the first side of the tape. It’s always really awesome when you find out good music came from near where you’re from.


Pizza Time – Quiero Mas
Again, another tape that I thought was just gonna be silly and I was oh so wrong. The whole thing is sung in Spanish. So they could be talking about how candy is gross or that ice cream is the worst thing ever invented (I totally disagree) but I’ll never know because I don’t understand that so if that’s what they’re talking about, whatever, cuz I don’t understand it. I finally got my hands on this cassette and I’m glad I did because this thing always sells so fast and after listening to it I understand why. So get yours before it’s gone!!

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