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In the Spotlight: Möwer

September 10, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments


by Mat Weir

Crack open the Jameson and break out the PBR this party’s about to get real ugly, real fast! Earlier this year, the slightly-out-of-their-minds folks at Mind Cure Records in Pittsburgh released the first single by Möwer; a punk/thrash hybrid born from the twisted brains of two honest-to-goodness brothers, Sean & Craig. A coworker had told me about them and I thought it looked interesting but forgot about it entirely shortly after.

About a week ago that dying synapse had one last bout of life and I thought to check the 7-inch section for shits ‘n giggles. Since then, I have yet to take the record out of my daily rotation.

Möwer clearly wears the Motörhead influence on their sleeve, which may or may not win points with some listeners (Personally, this author goes by the old Airheads mantra of “Lemmy is God!”), but what makes Möwer so exceptional is the wall of sound coming from just two guys. The A-side, “Bastards Parade” is a head-banging thrash anthem that leaves me curious to see what they sound like live. Not surprisingly, their version of “Iron Fist” is fast & loud, paying a respected tribute to the kings of metal.

We only have a couple of these singles left, slacker, so hurry up and buy one while the pickin’s is good. Or if you still aren’t convinced, check out this video promo while you finish your beer before skating down to ye ol’ record shoppe.

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