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Why Is This Still Here? King Khan & the BBQ Show – Animal Party

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by Mat Weir

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the record industry is a strange one. We sell fetish items to over-obsessive collectors and carefully guide the neophytes down a path of righteousness, trying to avoid the perils of auto-tune, well-researched marketed beats and other cheap trickery.

But every once in a while even we, the humble stalwarts of sound, slip up and let some great jams fall through the cracks. I came across such an item while flipping through our rock 45s and knew I must wrong this definite tragedy.

“Animal Party” was the last single King Khan & the BBQ Show did before their first break-up in 2010. Comprised of Blacksnake (King Khan) and Mark Sultan (BBQ) formerly of the Spaceshits, this band’s brand of psychedelic garage pop is raucous, catchy and twisted like the cartoons you watched as a kid. You know there was a deeper joke happening, but you just weren’t worldly enough to recognize it. Luckily (hopefully), things have changed.

Everything about this single is worth owning. For starters, the art (done by Mathieu Trudel) is extra-cartoony with a sly nod to Ren & Stimpy AND it comes with a bonus, illustrated coloring book for the title song, “Animal Party.” However, we’re not here to talk about the packaging.

“Animal Party” is a three-minute ditty about King Khan & BBQ just hanging around, when Mr. Pig stops by and throws a wild party with animal guests! (Then out of my window/came three chickens going cluck-cluck/And I said “what the–” *ba-cock!*).

The B-side, “God of Raisins” is about–well, I don’t know WHAT it’s about, but it’s equally as catchy with religious chants and gospel call-back shouts.

With the great art, mind-burrowing earworm songs, just enough weirdness to make it cook but not gimmicky and only $7.98, I have to wonder. . . why is this still here?!?

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