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Weedeater Reissues First Two Albums

September 1, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments


by Mat Weir

Hey all you whiskey drinkers, marijuana smokers and got-dang cornholers! Grab a bottle, pack a bowl & pop a couple of country beans because the sludgiest, stoniest, most f*#@ked up trio of metal is back! Kind of.

Weedeater, the Wilmington, North Carolina sludge metal bastards, have hinted at a fifth studio album for the last few years; a follow-up to 2011’s Jason the Dragon, which was infamously delayed when singer/bassist/mad man “Dixie” Dave Collins blew off his big toe cleaning his favorite shotgun.

Well friends, the waiting continues. However, Collins, guitarist Dave “Shep” Shephard & drummer Travis “Keko” Own have decided to spread some of that fabled Southern hospitality our way to ease the sting. For the first time ever, their first two albums 2001’s, . . .And Justice For Y’all and 2003’s Sixteen Tons, will be available on beautiful, glossy vinyl. Both come on black wax, with limited runs of Sixteen Tons on beer or weed colored vinyl.

Streetlight Records will carry BOTH albums on vinyl, CD and cassette! If that doesn’t slap your ass hard enough, the band is releasing both albums as either a t-shirt bundle (Justice comes with a shirt of the album, Sixteen with a sweet shirt of Clint Eastwood from The Outlaw Josie Wales on green cloth) OR, if you’re weed-lust knows no bounds, as a package with Weedeater stickers, trucker hats, beanies, weed grinders, band logo banners and LP slipmats. Unfortunately, the packaged deals are exclusively through the band here and here and they’re going fast!

This is one of the rare moments when your buddy will understand if you decide to skip on that last round at the bar to save a few bucks. If not, find new friends with better taste in music. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

. . .And Justice For Y’all – CD release date: Sept 2nd, LP release date: Sept 16

Sixteen Tons – CD release date: Sept 30, LP release date: Sept 30

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