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Waxing Poetic About Vinyl


by Cat Johnson

Yesterday, Pitchfork published an informative and insightful article titled Wax and Wane: the Tough Realities Behind Vinyl’s Comeback. Not just another piece pointing out that vinyl sales have skyrocketed in the last few years (though they have, and that is explored a bit), the article, written by Joel Oliphint, gets into some of the challenges around the vinyl resurgence, including the fact that there are very few vinyl pressing plants and a growing number of labels pressing vinyl.

Oliphint also looks at the “quirky embellishments” and gimmicks that are now a part of vinyl culture (We’re looking at you, Jack White.), record buying demographics, the top-selling records of 2014, the process of manufacturing vinyl, and a number of other interesting angles. Recommended reading for vinyl nerds, music junkies, collectors, indie label supporters, and the like.

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