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Reviewed: Ghoul – Hang Ten EP


by Mat Weir

When we last left the band of murderous mutants from Creepsylvania they were riding high off last year’s split, Splatterhash, with Cannabis Corpse. We know they were on the upswing because the songs “Inner Sanctum” and “Spill Your Guts” were about gore, torture and weed; everything a good Ghoulunatic loves.

But friends and fiends! Creepsylvania is falling! Hang Ten finds the land torn to bits by hordes of Mezmetron-addled gangs. The most brutal of all are the Cannibals MC, led by the murderous Kreeg, who “ruled Creepsylvania with an iron fist from the throne of his iron hog.” To wrestle power from Kreeg, an army of vigilantes is raised, calling themselves “The Acolytes of the Basilisk.” Will the Basilisks gain control of Creepsylvania and knock the torturous Kreeg from his powerhold? Or will Kreeg and the Cannibals MC prove to be the greater lunatics?

If you’ve read this far and I haven’t convinced you to listen to Hang Ten yet, then you seriously need to reevaluate your musical taste. However, I will try one, last argument.

As the name suggests, Hang Ten is Ghoul’s surf rock opus in a way only that band knows how. Let’s put it this way: things would’ve been much different if Ghoul was at Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello’s Beach Party. These songs are sped up, distorted down and thrashed out; the perfect soundtrack for Gidget after coming down from an acid trip with a nice speedball shot to the brain. They even end the EP with an instrumental cover of Ervin Drake’s, “It Was A Very Good Year,” made famous by ol’ drunken, Mafia-connected, Franky-boy Sinatra.

With all the great music coming from Creepsylvania lately, it only leaves the question: Where’s the new album?!?!?

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