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In the Spotlight: Best Coast – Fade Away


by Mat Weir

Los Angeles surf duo, Best Coast, have been announcing summer and fall festival shows, in preparation for their upcoming, third studio album. While the album was supposed to be released in the spring of this year, Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno assure fans it will see the light of day in 2014. Time will only tell. In the meantime, I went back through the band’s mini-album released late last year, Fade Away, since Cosentino told Spin magazine it was a precursor for things to come.

Fade Away is a seven song, 25 minute and 45 second record seeping the syrupy-love-and-breakup-pop anthems that us fans love about the band. From the first side to the last song, the album is catchy and simple, speckled with Cosentino’s witty lyrics that playfully walk the fence between self-empowerment and hatred.

It’s something about the band that grabbed me from the first listen of their debut, Crazy For Your. Cosentino’s innocent voice leaves the listener wanting to root for her in the world of heartbreak and identity crises. It’s the lyrics that give her away, leaving the listener questioning her innocence from time to time. They’re the poison apple of the music world; sweet and delicious on the outside but with a dark, hidden cost.

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