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In the Spotlight: Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul – Splatterhash


by Mat Weir

Standing at 12 minutes and 37 seconds, brought to you by a label in Oakland featuring bands from Richmond, Va., and deep within the bowels of Creepsylvania, Splatterhash is a brutal, 4-song EP ready to assault any auditory system. Neither Cannabis Corpse or Ghoul has released a full-length since 2011, so when Phillip “Landphil” Hall told me there was a split coming out, I kept my ear to the ground and picked up an advanced copy late last year, at the Exhumed/Iron Reagan show in Oakland. Both bands destroy their tracks, doing what they do best—crushing metal filled with over-the-top gore & chaos.

Cannabis Corpse began when Landphil and his brother Josh (aka, “HallHammer”) coined the term and thought it would be a great theme for a band. Weed-themed death metal. Who would’ve thought THAT would sell with the kids? Am I right? But here’s the twist: each of their songs’ characters always meet some horrible end from smoking weed, usually in a horrifically gory manner. Throughout the years, this band of deathly stoners has only released two albums and (now) three EPs, having been through several line-up changes and eventually settling as a three piece with Brent Pergason (also in Gwar) on guitar.

Their first track on the new EP is “Inhalation Plague,” a gnarled tale about a green vapor of THC and bathsalts spreading over east L.A. Of course the protagonist must get high off the vapor, because why not? As the bathsalts begin to take over, he quickly loses his mind and breaks into the neighbor’s house to kill the family. Why? Because METAL! “Shatter Their Bongs,” the second song and one about a mental patient forced to smoke weed for science until “he’s addicted to hi-grade potent weed eternally” is actually tame in comparison.

Ghoul, on the other hand, is much more mysterious. They come from Creepsylvania, a strange place with creepy trees and a sordid past you can read about in the 11 paragraph history on Ghoul’s website. Pretty interesting stuff, Attila the Hun even briefly owned it until he “accidentally” lost it in a card game. However, these days, bands of ghouls roam around, mutilating people and playing metal.

Ghoul’s first, “Inner Sanctum” is about just that. The longest song on the EP at 5 minutes, it’s the band’s story on how they lure innocent people into their lair for grisly torture. Their second track, “Spill Your Guts,” continues the story with HOW Ghoul will torture you or anyone else they capture. I especially liked the line about once they spill the guts they’ll sop up the drippings “with your Iron Reagan shirt,” in a grim nod to one of Landphil’s other bands.

Besides the great songs by two beloved bands, what makes this EP even better are the colored vinyl releases. Two pressings are in circulation right now; black & swamp green splatter, or black & silver splatter and both are beautifully done. Plus, it was just announced last weekend at the Tank Crimes Brainsqueeze 2, weekend BBQ show, that Dan Randall will no longer be playing Ghoul’s guitarist, Dissector. The band even did an unmasking, which you can see below.

Dan is an ex-Streelight Records employee and friend, so on that note, I’m going to end this review by saying “good luck” to Randall on his future endeavors and I’ll see you next year with Ghoul after you grow bored of not touring.

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