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Tales of the Weird’s Offical RSD 2014 LP Picks


Record Store Day is Saturday, April 19. Here are a few choice LP picks from one of our own.

by Mat Weir

Gil Scott-Heron – “Nothing New” 12-inch LP: Gil is one of my favorite artists and this RSD release comes with a screen-printed cover. Even if all of his albums aren’t great, Scott-Heron is a poet, soulman, godfather of hip hop and too influential not to have in your collection. Plus this album has his iconic “Pieces of a Man” track for the gold.

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – “Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth” 12-inch LP: Jett’s fourth album and the Blackhearts’ third, this is the first time the album has been on vinyl since it’s release in 1984. This comes on PINK vinyl, hand numbered, and contains the Runaways classic track, “Cherry Bomb.” Be still my nerdy heart.

Joy Division – “An Ideal For Living” 12-inch E.P.: The kings of post-punk’s first release, reissued on glorious vinyl. Four classic tracks, all remastered. This is one of those releases that I don’t need, and I’ve heard the songs a million times before, but another JD piece in my collection will help with the disorder. I might’ve lost control again, but love will tear me apart from the madness.

The Notorious B.I.G. – “Life After Death” 12-inch Double LP: Biggie Smalls never had any intention of getting out of here alive and the evidence is all over his records. 1997’s “Life After Death” was THE hip-hop album of the year, with tracks like “Somebody’s Gotta Die,” “Hypnotize,” “Mo Money Mo Problems,” and more. Hell, some the last two are STILL club jams! The tracks are all from the original, analog takes and come on three clear discs. Ok, looks like I’m breaking Crack Commandment number four (never get high on your own supply).

Gojira – “Way of All Flesh” 12-inch LP: The fourth album from French Death metal outfit, Gojira, this album made it’s way into the American Billboard 200 when it debuted—pretty big progress for a band not many people know. While I’m not a huge technical metal fan, Gojira has a way of blending melodies and playing some progressively beautiful music while still maintaining an aggressive edge. This release will be on split color vinyl. Limited to 350

The Black Angels – “Clear Lake Forest” 10-inch EP: If you read my blogs here at Streetlight, you’ll know I love the Black Angels. Say what you will about their blend of retro psych, but they put on one of the best live shows I’ve seen. Been collecting all of their RSD releases for the past four years, so why would I miss out on number five? Limited to 3500.

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings – “Dap-Dappin” 12-inch LP: Reissue of Jones & the Dap-Kings first album. Still kicking myself for not buying it previously, but thanks to RSD, I have a second chance with the new queen of Soul. Limited to 1500.

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