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Sunday Morning Music: Billie Joe + Norah

"Billie Joe and  Norah: Foreverly"

by Cat Johnson

I know what you’re thinking because I was thinking it too: What an odd pairing. And you’re totally right. Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day alongside Norah Jones? Covering the Everly Brothers album Songs Our Daddy Taught Us? How did that happen? But I have to say, Foreverly works. I’ve never been a Green Day fan but Armstrong has a better voice than I’ve given him credit for and his harmonies with Jones come off natural and sweet…almost sibling-like, which, considering the project, is perfect. As a bonus, their re-workings of the Everly Brothers’ material gives the songs fresh life and I found myself picking up lyrics and sentiments I hadn’t caught before.

The danger here is that Foreverly doesn’t hit any particular music-loving demographic so it runs the risk of falling through the cracks between the roots crowd who can’t get behind Armstrong and the Green Day crowd that is far too edgy for Jones. But, it’s an interesting project that’s definitely worth a listen. If you’re an old-school purist, this may not be the album for you; you’d be better off throwing on some Link Wray, Wanda Jackson or, hey, the Every Brothers. But, if you appreciate pop tributes and polished nods to the old school, give this one a spin.

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