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Cherry Glazerr Pours on the Sweet with Haxel Princess

February 28, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments


by Mat Weir

Take three high schoolers, full of original teenage angst in a post-punk-21st-century-Instagram-world; throw in lyrics about grilled cheese, best friends (animal & human), female empowerment in an over-sexualized society and a woman’s shark week; paired with poppy, low-fi bubble gum music; mix it around with a heaping spoonful of humor and slather it with SoCal flavor. Bake for 23 minutes and you have one helluva tasty treat for your ears.

As my coworker, fellow reviewer and sometimes-partner-in-crime pointed out here, it’s much too early to say this is the best album of 2014, but so far it has no challengers. Singer/songwriter Clementine Creevy, bassist Sean Redman and drummer Hannah Uribe deliver a short & precise punk rock volume that reminds us of the pains of being a teenager without the nervous feelings of getting beat up or exploding in anger. Haxel Princess is sweet and innocent while retaining its juvenility, much like my high school relationships were.

For example, anyone familiar with Southern California public radio will instantly recognize the band’s name as a pun on long-time KCRW’s (an NPR affiliate) Morning Edition host, Chery Glaser (Glaser recently interviewed the trio, which you can find here). Cute, right? They continue to pour on the sweets with songs like “Grilled Cheese” (“it’s all about the butter/make ‘em for your mother/then I’ll make you another”) and “Bloody Bandaid” (“All I want to do is hold your hand/ All I want to do is play in the sand” Plus this song has a great reference to a hidden, punk co-op in downtown L.A. called The Smell, for the bonus points). Creevy then sprinkles throughout songs about loss (“Glenn the Dawg”), teenage heartbreak (the title song, “Haxel Princess”) and the dreaded “time of the month” (“White’s Not My Color This Evening”).

Even more impressive are how many of these tracks contain ALL of these elements in one. For example, “Teenage Girl” is a poppy ditty with lines like “pink sparkly sunglasses/lemonade by the pool/Rob Kardashian’s a tool. Yet, Creevy opens the song with “Internalize so much but so little/don’t make us feel belittled world,” a political statement which turns the song on its head in a bout of fledgling feminism.

Haxel Princess is the perfect soundtrack for moments of nostalgia, traveling, the countryside, driving around with friends and hanging out on the sand under the sun. Since it’s only 23 or so minutes long, it’s easily consumable without growing stale or boring. After a couple of spins I caught myself continuously flipping sides—that’s the analog version of “repeat” for all you stuck in the CD past—and loving it more with each listen. Keep an ear out, something tells Cherry Glazerr has much more in store for us in the next couple of years.

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