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New, Non-Boring Stuff from TacocaT

February 20, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments


by Cherene

The cure for boring dude-rock is here in the form of a palindrome: TacocaT.
A Seattle based band, Tacocat is formed by three girls and a guy. Lelha, the drummer, knew Eric, the guitarist, from working at Safeway. Eric’s band at the time was practicing in a basement at the 24/7 House in the Central District where Bree, the bassist, was living. Lelha met Emily the singer in a graphic design class, but noticed her voice when she was singing along with an R.Kelly song. They describe themselves as “Feminist Sci-Fi” and “equal parts Kurt and Courtney.”

Their second album NVM (a tip of the hat to Nirvana) is being released February 25th by Hardly Art Records. Let me just say that this year is looking really good; it’s only February and I’ve already got two new favorite bands. One of them is TacocaT.

I didn’t even have to listen to the whole album to make that decision, all it took was one song. Their single “Crimson Wave” sealed the deal. From the first line in the song you get the hint, this song is about being on your period. YES! This is my third favorite song having to do with periods. “Crimson Wave” is the most obvious one so far but it’s still so good. The video reminds me of Archie Hall Jr.’s Wild Guitar and any Elvis movie. It’s got people in crab and lobster costumes and even has a shark surfin’ those tasty waves.

If I had to describe TacocaT’s album NVM I’d have to say they sound like if you took Go Sailor, Bratmobile and The Go Go’s (before the line-up change), threw it in an old pizza box with a pack of grape flavored Big League Chew and a handful of glitter and bidi bidi boom boom! You’ve got nearly a half hour of awesome that everyone else calls NVM.

I’m in love with the rest of the album too. It’s glorious bubblegum pop with the right amount of surf rock to not give you a stomach ache. You have to check this band out. They took the two loveable things, tacos and cats, put them together and made one amazing thing. It also doesn’t hurt that all of these kids are cute. Oh and on one of their promo pictures I’m pretty positive that Emily the singer is throwing up the circle. Twice. She got me, she owes me two.

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