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Girl Trouble – Hit It or Quit It (Reissue)

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by Cherene

Meet the Band: Her Majesty, the queen of the big boss beat, Miss Bon Von Wheelie // He’s saucy, he’s sexy and slightly sassy, Dale on Bass // Ladies and gentlemen for your dancing and listening pleasure the Big Kahuna // and Kurt.

In 1988 K Records and Sub Pop got together with the band Girl Trouble and released Sub Pop’s first full length LP. This January is the 25th anniversary reissue of that album: Girl Trouble’s Hit It or Quit It.

The reissue will include two tracks that were not on the previously released album, “White Lightning” and Johnny Kidd’s “Shakin’ All Over,” which is amazing news to me because both of these songs are so good.

Girl Trouble is four-piece band out of Tacoma, Washington. The group was immediately one of my favorites, not just because they sound amazing and because I could listen to any of their albums on repeat and not be bummed, but because they have a girl drummer. Not only is she bad ass because she plays the drums, she’s bad ass because she loves wrestling, likes Chyna (pre-surgery, Degeneration-X era), and calls Mick Foley’s Socko a “stroke of genius.” Plus she has seen Jimi Hendrix perform in concert!

This album is full of fuzzy 1960s garage rock with crazy lyrics and wild vocals. I recommend it to anyone who likes to party or likes rock’n’roll, the Cramps, Hasil Adkins, or likes good music.

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