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Custom Fit: Santa Cruz Streetpunk

January 24, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

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by Cherene

Custom Fit is a five-piece Oi/Streetpunk band from Santa Cruz, California. I’m super down with this band for the first obvious reason: girl drummer. Their singer, also a girl, is a tough ass roller derby girl, on the Harbor Hellcats, who is originally from Slovenia. They always put on a good show and sound really good live.

I most recently saw them open for the Vibrators and there was some dude being a jerk during their set and some other guy was using a girl as a shield to provoke the jerk. Even that didn’t distract them from playing a really good show. Even their backup vocals were still on-point.

They played a show for the “secret” reunion show of the legendary punk band Good Riddance at the Blue Lagoon in 2012. Since then they’ve been playing shows with a lot of bands like Angry Samoans, Street Dogs, La Plebe, The Nekromantix and plenty more. As always, they put on a great show and always sound amazing. This past October Custom Fit released a 12” brought to us by Pirate Press and Chapter 11 records.

If you’re a fan of Rezillos, Vice Squad, X- Ray Spex or Cock Sparrer then Custom Fit is definitely a band you should check out.

Check out this video of Custom Fit from Blank Tv for the song “Spontaneous Combustion.” If you like anything punk or good and this doesn’t get you going, you might be lame.

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