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In the Spotlight: the Black Belles and Elvira: 7″-Style

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by Cherene

Once again I bring to the table an all girl band, the Black Belles. Shelby Lynne, the drummer, is from California and is rumored to have been kicked out of the Girl Scouts for poisoning the cookies, and kicked out of public school for performing exorcisms on (unwilling) students. She was sent to an all-girl boarding school. Her hobbies include stealing, cheating, secret societies, serial killers, Russian tragedies, shark attacks, and blood & guts.

Ruby Rogers, the bassist, is from Mississippi and was considered a loner by her peers due to her unusual appearance and her love for rock ‘n’ roll music. Her family encouraged her interest in music, but after her mom found a dead bird in her purse she was sent to an all-girl boarding school where she met Shelby Lynne.

The third is Olivia Jean, a creature from Detroit that migrated to Nashville. With Shelby Lynne and Ruby Rogers who formed the Black Belles. Olivia Jean is feared throughout the world and comes with her own set of warnings and side effects.

The first time I watched Elvira’s Movie Macabre I also heard The Black Belles for the first time. The theme song for Elvira’s Movie Macabre is called “What Can I Do” and it floored me. It was only 45 seconds or so and I immediately wanted more. I had to find out who this band was and own the record as soon as possible. So I did just that. I went down to Streetlight records and picked up the 7” “Wishing Well” b/w “Mrs. Black Boots.” I also snagged up their self-titled album and their other 7” “Honky Tonk Horror” b/w “Dead Shoe.” I was also lucky enough to score the Stephen Colbert with the Black Belles 7″ which features Stephen Colbert singing “Charlene.” It’s pretty hilarious.


There was one more 7” that the cover alone is worth owning: the Elvira edition of “What Can I Do” b/w “What Can I Do” (instrumental). It is so damn cool. The picture sleeve isn’t so much of a sleeve but it folds out into the shape of a coffin with a full bodied picture of Elvira “dressed” as a mummy and it has cobwebs that glow in the dark. Even the picture of Elvira glows in the dark. Not only is this sleeve and record cool looking, the song “What Can I Do” is so good.

This 7” in particular is on its way to Streetlight Records and if you’re too impatient, Streetlight has several of their other 7” and the full album on CD and vinyl.

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