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In the Spotlight: Vegas in Space

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by Cherene

“Would You Change Sex To Save the Universe?”

There is a disturbance on the women-only planet of Clitoris’ capitol city, Vegas in Space. Three soldiers are sent on a secret mission and have to change their sex by taking a pill to disguise themselves as showgirls while in Vegas in Space to uncover the plot to save the universe’s only pleasure planet.

Vegas in Space stars famous drag queens Tippi, Miss X and Doris Fish a.k.a Philip Mills who also co wrote the film. In fact all the women, with the exception of the two soldiers who become women, are played by drag queens.

Philip Mills a.k.a Doris Fish moved from Sydney to San Francisco in 1976. He was at a band audition for The Tubes when he met Tippi and they became roommates in San Francisco. In 1979 Doris Fish and Tippi met Miss X at a come-as-your-favorite-Fellini-character party and the three were soon performing as Sluts A-Go-Go. They continued performing around San Francisco for the next ten years.

Vegas in Space took 18 months to film but it took eight years to raise the money to complete the film. It was finally released in 1991 with the help of Troma Films. Unfortunately, by the time of the film’s completion most of the films cast members had passed on, including the writer Philip Mills a.k.a Doris Fish.

The make-up and clothes in this movie are amazing. Vegas in Space is over the top and entertaining and it’s filmed in GLAMOURAMA. This movie certainly needs to be seen by anyone who loves B movies or anything cult. So come on down and check out our LGBT section conveniently located near our musical and classic DVD section.

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