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Cassette Lovers: Look What Death Waltz is Up To

November 26, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments


by Raul

For the past few years the label Death Waltz has been bringing us classic horror movie soundtracks with amazing art work and incredible sound quality on both LP and CD format.

Now, for the analog fan on the go, they’ve taken the art and sound quality they’re known for and released the soundtracks to three John Carpenter titles and a Ben Wheatley film on cassette.

First in the Carpenter trilogy is Assault On Precinct 13. This electronic horror score was composed by John Carpenter himself and has been sampled by big name electronic and hip hop artists such as Tricky and Afrika Bammbaataa. The next two titles in the trilogy are Halloween II and Halloween III. Both of these scores are also composed by Carpenter with some help from Alan Howarth. All three are on cassette format and only $8.98.

The Ben Wheatley film, A Field in England is English Civil War imagery set with grindhouse themes and scored by British composer Jim Williams. There is also a track by Fuck Button’s Benjamin Power. This title is also a very affordable purchase at $8.98.

Next time you’re driving on a dark foggy night pop any of these tapes into your player and set the mood.

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