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White Shirts and Skinny Ties: It’s All Pop

November 18, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments


by Raul

Numero Records has been known to bring us some of the best in obscure soul music and wrap ’em up in some beautiful packaging, whether it be CD or LP format. This time they dug up all they could from the obscure Midwest powerpop label Titan. This collection is a treat for any fan of the genre.

From ‘78 to ‘81 Titan released eight records with pop artists that I’m sure took the stage with white shirts and skinny ties. Acts like the Secrets, who come off with the pop magic of the Raspberries, and Gary Charlson with his Twilley likeness could have held their on with any of the bands of the time on Bomp. And anyone with a love for pop hooks and power chords knows those records aren’t easy to come by.

Thanks to the knowledgeable staff at Numero, we get the best of Titan in Titan – It’s All Pop! a four record set. Also included is a 40 page book filled with pictures and extensive liner notes.

Come into Streetlight and treat yourself you’ll be glad you did!

Here are some teasers to get the juices flowing!

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