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Review: Paul McCartney – New

November 7, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

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Paul McCartney – New (Hear Music, 2013)

by Caleb Nichols

I have to say, right off the bat, that I was completely floored by “New”, the first single released from the album of the same name by Sir Paul McCartney. The production is perfect, the song is full of hooks, the melodies are reminiscent of Revolver-era Beatles; I honestly couldn’t imagine Sir Paul coming out with a better song six decades into his career.

I probably listened to “New” about a million times before New was released – and so I was prepared for a bit of a let down (I love Sir Paul, I love the Beatles, but the man has clearly passed his peak). In a delightfully shocking turn of events, New is without a doubt the best Paul McCartney solo work since Band on the Run (unless you don’t count that as solo, which some don’t) or even Ram.

Yes, predictably there are some stinkers (I could’ve lived without “Appreciate”), but for the most part this album is genius and in true McCartney style has a little bit of everything, from the bubblegum of “New” to the strummy folk pop of “Early Days” to the Wings-esque rocker “Save Us.”

Standout tracks “Alligator”, and “Queenie Eye” burst with Beatle-esque energy and brit-pop sensibility, and my personal favorite track, “On My Way To Work” finds Sir Paul up to one of his best tricks: revealing a subtly surreal world hidden just beneath the surface of mundane everyday life.

Watch the video for “Queenie Eye”:

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