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7″ Singles: a Delicious Pre-Game Before the Big Show

November 6, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

by Raul

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since the last Can U Dig It? post, but I’m back and I want to talk about my favorite music format, the 7” single. I love everything about it from the packaging to the content.

If you’re the type to pick off and enjoy the pepperoni before grubbing down the whole slice. Or if you like eating the cream from an Oreo before dunking the chocolate into a glass of ice cold milk, 7” singles are right up your alley; a wonderfully delicious pre-game before the big show.

7″s have one or two songs that usually make it to the artist’s next album with a B-side that at times trumps the A-side or packs a bigger punch than any of the filler on the upcoming full length. If that’s not enough to reel you in, think of it as a way to connect with friends without Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Invite a few friends over and play them some of your favorite singles. It’s a great way to turn people on to bands they may have never heard, or connect on similar taste. Either way it’s a good way to get real face time with your friends.

Here are a few of my favorite singles that we have on hand at Streetlight. I’ll try and keep you all updated with recommended new, and used, incoming. Until then, happy hunting and keep your local record store alive!

Before They Shook The World

Raw Soul Crazee Man!!!!

After Iggy & the Stooges there was Stiv & the Dead Boys (not the original boys, but Stiv none the less)

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