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Review: Osombie

October 29, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments


by Cherene

Do you believe in conspiracy theories? Do you really think the government staged the Osama Bin Laden capture/death? Do you like zombie movies? Do you love ‘Merica? If you answered yes to one or all of those questions then Osombie is the flick to watch. It’s one of the cheesiest/ best movies about Americans fighting zombies and terrorists I’ve ever seen.

First let me say the actors aren’t Omar Shariff amazing or anything but you get the sense they know that they aren’t, so when it’s bad it’s entertaining. When it’s bad and they’re serious it’s funny for a different reason.

Osombie starts out with this American special forces team going through some warehouse in Afghanistan looking for an unsaid person and zombies are coming out of everywhere. The special forces team totally has the upper hand with the guns. You see some guy run out the back and just before the special forces team gets to him he shoots himself up with some crazy looking stuff in a syringe. The team swarms his room and shoots him and bags his body.

At this point, they still haven’t said who it is but the turban and long grey beard and the team’s sense of accomplishment leave little room for guessing. The team has the body bag with them in a chopper when the bag starts moving. The team runs into problems and the chopper crashes into the sea and you can see the bag fall out and as it sinks, a hand reaches out. The camera then pans over the Arabian seashore and who comes walking out of the ocean? OSAMA BIN LADEN. The dude in the bag they they were basically hunting down and supposedly killed just walked out of the ocean as a zombie. Hell, yes!

The rest of the movie is hilarious and actually pretty good. I mean come on! A group of American soldiers are in Afghanistan trying to find a zombie Osama Bin Laden while fighting zombie terrorists along the way. The zombie make-up is all really good and kinda scary too. So if you’re looking for a not-so-serious zombie horror movie then Osombie is the way to go.

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