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In the Spotlight: Berner


by Cherene

Berner was born and raised in San Francisco. He first began rapping around the age of 16 with what he calls a “BS karaoke type machine” he bought off some kid that called himself Wicked Wizard. In 2007, while he was recording an album with San Francisco rapper Equipto, he started Bern One Ent., his record label. Soon after, he started rapping with the Mob Figaz then did two albums with Mob Figaz member, the Jacka. Those two albums are called Drought Season Pt.1 and Drought Season Pt. 2.

Berner is an entrepreneur. I can’t think of him without thinking about the name “Girl Scout Cookies.” Most people may think it’s just the name of a cookie that was made popular by the Girl Scouts of America. Not anymore. Girl Scout Cookies or Cookies is a strain of Medical Marijuana that has been made ridiculously popular by Berner and Bay Area rappers. They have a clothing line and smoking accessory all based on a strain created by Berner and some other very famous Bay Area rappers. Supposedly Tommy Chong is to have said that GSC or Girl Scout Cookies is his favorite strain.

Drugstore Cowboy is the newest album from Berner, who is now on Taylor Gang Records. When Berner signed with Wiz Kalifa and the Taylor Gang, Wiz Kalifa asked him if he was ready to release his album or if he wanted to go over it again and make sure it was the best it could be. So, Berner pushed the release date on the album back about two months. Hopefully it’s coming out this week.

Some of the other artists that were said to be featured on this album are J Stalin, Husalah (CHEEAA!), Big K.R.I.T, Iamsu and Suga Free. These are all pretty dope rappers so I’m looking forward to listening to this album. Berner’s a super nice dude and goes to So Fresh Clothing on 911 Cedar St. Santa Cruz Ca. when he comes to town for meet & greets.

Follow Berner on Twitter and Instagram @Berner415

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