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Review: Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day


Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day (Rhymes Of An Hour, 2013)

by Caleb Nichols

I’m not going to talk about how this is the first Mazzy Star record in five thousand years like every other blogger in the universe, but I am going to talk about the music on this record, because that’s the important thing right? (I’m generally disgusted by the way music bloggers just regurgitate press releases endlessly – get a job, hippies).

I’m also not going to talk about how everyone and their mother has basically lifted Mazzy Star’s sound in the last reverb-soaked decade, because EVERYONE IS SAYING THE SAME THING ON THE INTERNET! Weird, right?


This is a gorgeous new record from a wonderful band, that should delight fans and maybe confuse younger people who don’t know what guitars and drums sound like when they are perfectly in tune and when the beat isn’t edited by a machine. There are (happily) moments where you can tell that a band is in a studio performing music, where you can hear the sounds of the room, where you can almost feel the warmth of the tubes in the amps and the thwack of the sticks on the snare.

I haven’t smoked a cigarette in two months now, but goddamn – if I did I would turn out all the lights, pour myself some bourbon on put this record on.

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