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Creepy Time: Rewatching Play Misty for Me

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by Cherene

You may only know Clint Eastwood for being a cowboy in classic spaghetti westerns films or as the police inspector in the Dirty Harry movies or maybe now for his dramatic films or the ones he’s directed. There are a couple of movies that you should definitely see that have nothing to do with those other movies. One of those movies is called Play Misty for Me.

Released in 1971, it was the first movie Eastwood directed. It’s mostly shot in Carmel Valley (where Clint Eastwood became mayor in 1986) and in Big Sur. They also show Clint Eastwood at the Monterey Jazz Festival. A lot of the scenes may look familiar so there is one cool thing about the movie right there.

Play Misty for Me is about Dave (Clint Eastwood), a local DJ that has a constant caller who always requests the same song “Misty” by Erroll Garner. Dave then meets a woman named Evelyn who is at the bar he frequents who claims to have been stood up. After a some help from his wingman the bartender, Dave ends up taking her home to her place. While she’s handing him his drink she reveals that she’s the constant caller and wasn’t really stood up by a date. She intentionally went to the bar because he talks about it on the radio.

Here is where my first problem with the movie arises. First, this dude just takes a random lady home. Ok, a lot of people do that stuff, but when she tells him she pretty much lied about why she was there in the first place and she only went there to see him, it should have been a red flag. So what does he do at that point? He still goes in for a kiss and then there is a bedroom scene. Nothing too graphic but you pretty much get the idea they weren’t hugging.

In the morning he leaves and she is watching him take off in his car with this creepy look on her face. Later that day, while being visited by a friend, who do you think just shows up at his house? Yeah, Evelyn, who he thought was a one-night stand from the night before, and she’s brought two bags of groceries and totally just lets herself in and heads for the kitchen. CREEPER!

He goes up to her looking super confused and tries asking her why she’s there and she just totally ignores him by naming off groceries she’s bought and what kind of dinner she’s gonna make. He finally grabs her and gets in her face and boom, here go her water works. He then totally changes his tone and pretty much apologizes and says what just happened is fine. She goes from crying to laughing. This is the first real sign of her being crazy.

The two stay “just friends” until he cuts her off when his ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture. Then the real crazy comes out when she starts stalking him. When he doesn’t come running back to her she goes to more drastic measures like breaking into his house and totally wrecking everything she can get her hands on, even the records. That crazy B-word!

She does some other pretty crazy stuff too but I’ll let you see for yourself. If none of this has made you want to watch Play Misty for Me maybe this will: the actress that plays Evelyn is Jessica Walter who you may know better as Gam Gam or Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development, or the voice of Malory Archer from the animated TV series Archer, or my favorite reason: she did the voice for Fran Sinclair, the mom from the ’90s TV show Dinosaurs.

Let me tell you, she’s freaking crazy in this movie. I’ve seen girls act crazy over dudes before and she is doing all of the right things that would lead you to believe that she really is crazy. So go check Streetlight Records’ “Thriller and Suspense” dvd section and watch a girl lose her mind over a young Clint Eastwood. This movie is just one of the reasons I like Clint Eastwood, even if he did almost run my friend over in Carmel.

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