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I Love Disco: Rewatching Saturday Night Fever

September 20, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments


by Cherene

“That’s just the way they took the poison in those days!”

“Al Pacino. Attica, Attica, Attica!”

“I work really hard on my hair and then he hits it.”

These are just some of the many quotable lines from one of my all-time favorite movies, Saturday Night Fever. I’ve been watching this movie since the second grade but there are some pretty adult scenes and I was pretty censored so I didn’t watch it all the way through until junior high. When I did watch it uncensored, it was a completely new movie to me. I was shocked for sure but I still loved it

When I was younger I was in love with John Travolta. Grease and Saturday Night Fever were my go-to movies. Rewatching Saturday Night Fever now I picked up on so much more than I had in previous times.

For instance, Tony’s (John Travolta) friends are all jerks and whine bags. Oh and his “love” interest is just some dumb broad. Stephanie is my least favorite character in the whole movie. She pretends to be this smart and grown up person but really she’s just full of crap. When Stephanie and Tony are at the diner and they’re talking about Romeo and Juliet. Tony says he doesn’t understand why Romeo took the poison so quickly after he saw Juliet was dead. She replies, “That’s just the way they took the poison in those days.” Freaking idiot!!

She’s just so dumb and annoying and leads Tony on and then Tony finds out she’s boning some other dude!! What a B-WORD! UHG! Okay enough with how much I hate Stephanie.

The soundtrack to this movie is also one of my favorite things ever and if I’m not mistaken it may very well be one of the best selling soundtracks of all time. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry! (but I’m probably not!). I’m not ashamed to say it, I LOVE DISCO. I love the Bee Gees. I love Yvonne Eliman. I love disco music.

My favorite part of Saturday Night Fever is when Tony and his buddies take Father Frank Jr. to the 2001 Odyssey. This pretty good lookin’ chick asks Tony to dance and he just takes over the dance floor. That might be the most memorable scene in the whole movie. The coolest part about that scene to me is the girl that asks Tony to dance. Connie is pretty hot but she’s even hotter now. Maybe you know her as the Nanny or as Fran Drescher. Yeah, that chick in the green dress is Fran Drescher and yes, I said she’s hot. If you don’t agree, I feel bad for you.

Then there are the clothes in that movie. I love the fact that all of these guys are wearing cha-cha heels and bell bottoms and leisure suits and look tough. Man, I can almost smell the polyester through the screen.

There are probably a lot of other things about this movie I could have mentioned but odds are, anyone reading this has already seen this movie. If you haven’t, then what the heck! I feel sorry for you. You never got to enjoy the good looks and amazing dance moves of Johnny T. Go do yourself a favor and watch Saturday Night Fever if you haven’t already. After you’ve seen it, just ask yourself one question… Can you dig it? I knew that you could!

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