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Review: The Dodos – Carrier

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The Dodos – Carrier (Polyvinyl, 2013)

by Caleb Nichols

San Francisco duo the Dodos return with their first LP for the always-excellent Polyvinyl, a label that is racking up the hits this year (Sonny and The Sunsets, and the forthcoming new of Montreal LP). Carrier is no exception and seriously delivers the goods, reminding us just how effective the holy trinity of guitar, drums and voice can be (which, come to think of it is reminiscent of another Polyvinyl powerhouse, Japandroids, but like, in a completely different way).

This record is a study in transformation; rhythms and melodies bleed into new rhythms and new melodies seamlessly across 11 mesmerizing tracks, making the obviously arduous seem gloriously effortless.

Here and there we are treated to fresh sound tastes – some well-placed horns, some swirling strings – but these are just pleasant garnishes to the real meat of this record, which is the aforementioned relationship between strings, sticks and singing.

The Dodos perform “The Ocean” with Magik Magik Orchestra

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