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Review: Saba Lou – Until the End (single)

September 17, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments


by Cherene

Cassettes are coming back in a hard way which is super dope news to me since I have a tape player. It also means new bands are putting tapes out so you’re not just stuck with older bands and albums.

One cassingle (cassette + single) that comes to mind is Saba Lou’s “Until the End” b/w “Good Habits (and bad).” It’s on the Wacky Wacko label which belongs to Hunx, a.k.a Seth Bogart, and that label puts out some pretty good music.

Saba Lou was 9 years old and when she wrote and recorded these songs. Usually listening to little kids singing is funny to hear, but she sounds pretty good and the songs are pretty well written for a 9 year old. They’re super honest and cute but at the same time kind of sad.

Oh, did I mention her dad is the mighty King Khan? Yeah that’s her dad so it’s not a huge surprise that this tape of hers is so good even if it is only two songs. So you better get to Streetlight Records and pick this tape up because there are only 600 made and it’s a super good buy.

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