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by Mat Weir

“The only constant is change.” Heraclitus said that. He was a Greek philosopher long before Socrates and a seemingly smart person. Later in life he became a misanthrope, and lived outside of society feeding on herbs and grass. He eventually developed dropsy, one day treating himself with homemade balm of cow manure and then baked in the sun, thinking it would dry out the fluids. He died the next day. The only constant is change.

As we dive into September and the fall season, the days grow shorter and the winds begin to sweep away summer’s corpse. Kids go back to school, the rainwear is dusted off, and 2013 sees its creeping doom on the horizon. Yes, change is inevitable, and here at Streetlight Records we flow with the stream of life. We’ve been stirring the pot o’ change and came up with some quality gems at ol’ record shoppe; all in the name of good deals, timeless music and the joy of physical media.


One of our biggest changes is the new Mix & Match Deal. For all items priced at $2.00 (found in the bottom bins), you can buy 3 for $5 or 10 for $10. And just like the name says, we’ll not even let you mix-n-match mediums, we encourage it! Want 3 DVDs? $5! Feel like buying 2 DVDS, 2 CDs, 3 LPs and 3 Laser Discs? $10 for all 10 items! Boom!

Our second change is just for all you vinyl nuts. Sometimes we aim too high, expecting certain albums to sell more than they do, but our mistake is your advantage. We now have SALE LPs by the back counter, all BRAND NEW and all marked at BELOW COST! You never know what jam you might pull out of that basket of berries.


Now, onto the gems. . .

Thanks to a couple of local collectors who decided it was time to change with the seasons and do some cleaning, Streetlight Records is proud to present our new, Fall Collection just for Santa Cruz.

First up, we have a beautiful array of original punk vinyl. That’s Bad Religion’s Suffer, NoFx’s color reissue of their Maximum Rock’N’Roll album (only about 500 copies were pressed with a couple hundred lost in a warehouse fire) and a rare, GG Allin, Rape GG. All tested through time and all on wax, the way they were meant to be heard.


What’s this? Oh nothing, just ORIGINAL COPIES of D.R.I.’s Dirty Rotten LP and Iggy & the Stooges Raw Power! Did I mention the Raw Power is a UK import? Yeeaaahh, that’s a thing of beauty right there.

The Surf Punks are looking ready to be played on a turntable near you!

But if good ol’ Rock ‘n Roll is your jam, don’t worry! We have a wide variety of used LPs that just hit the floor and guarantee there’s something for everyone!


Finally, our metal section has been given a serious adrenaline boost with the inclusion of new LPs by local acts the Bad Light, Bl’ast!, and newbies on the scene, straight from L.A., Witches of God.


So there you have it, straight from the speakers and right into your eardrums; new collections, new deals, and new happenings here at Streetlight in Santa Cruz. Think globally, shop locally and your local shop will be good to you. Until next time kiddies, keep those turntables spinning.

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