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Review: Bill Callahan – Dub 12″

September 11, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.45.30 AM

Bill Callahan – Dub 12” (Drag City, 2013)

by Caleb Nichols

“Stripped down and barren in an echo chamber a riderless horse in Jamaica with warm tones of organ and reedy baritone man voice urges caution…”

This is a sampling of the stream of consciousness writing experiment I undertook while listening to the new Bill Callahan 12” single, which is itself is a really strange and completely awesome experiment that is worth 10 or so of your dollars and 8 or so minutes of your time.

Callahan is about to release a new collection of songs on Drag City, the follow up to 2011’s Apocalypse which, according to the internet, will be titled Dream River. Happily, he has given us a taste of the new LP, although, somewhat oddly, he has remixed the album tracks in a rather stoned dub-style (King Tubby Dub – not to be confused with Dub-Step, for all you kids).

This really works though, and is especially effective on headphones. Substitute herbal tea for marijuana, if marijuana isn’t your thing. Listen to the a-side below, but man, its the b-side that really kills.

Bill Callahan’s “Expanding Dub”

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