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Review: Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods


by Mat Weir

Upon the blackened skies, two beasts appear on the horizon. Their oily feathers look as if massive dots of sin in the grey clouds. With a screech I hear the ravens, Huginn and Munin, cry out to the mortals below an ominous warning. By the power of Odin! Swedish death metal warriors, Amon Amarth, have released their 9th album, Deceiver of the Gods.

Continuing their Norse mythology theme, Deceiver is a melodic novel built around the mischievous god, Loki. Remember kids, you can never go wrong writing a metal album about a selfish god who fathered the gatekeeper of the under world, Hel, (the track by the same name also features guest vocals by ex-Candlemass frontman, Messiah Marcolin) and a monstrous wolf, Fenrir.

Powerful anthems like “The Shapeshifter,” and opening/title track, “Deceiver of the Gods” throws the listener into a world of soaring solos, crunching rhythm and frontman Johan Hegg’s demonic growl. And how can you go wrong with lyrics like, “Penetrate your naked skin/Rip flesh and dig within/With a pleased and twisted grin/I spread your lungs like eagle’s wings” on track six, “Blood Eagle?”

As a fan of Amon Amarth, I can say that Deceiver of the Gods doesn’t stray from the band’s tried-and-true formula. BUT THAT’S OK. Amon Amarth is a group that built their idea around a common theme and it would be a giant “fuck you” to their audience base if they decided to do an album about their everyday lives. Nobody wants to hear a man who once sang about lightning striking the “blood drenched ground” singing about his wife leaving and taking the kids.

That being said, Deceiver of the Gods is a giant step from their previous release, Sutur Rising. Sometime between the recordings, Amon Amarth replenished their drinking horns and focused their bloodlust to deliver their best album to date. Hail Valhalla!

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