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Street Sharks


by Cherene

In 1994 my mind was blown by the most obvious rip-off ever: Street Sharks. They were four brothers who were kidnapped by a scientist who put them through a gene-manipulation experiment and turned them into half-men/half-sharks.

The brothers fought crime, rode motorbikes, rollerblades and jet packs and their catch phrase was, “Jawsome.” They ate hamburgers, hot-dogs and french fries but they hated pizza. So, they were like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but they were sharks…that hated pizza.

The dudes they fought were also put through a gene-manipulation process and they were referred to as “Seaviates”…like deviates but sea creatures at the same time…hilarious!

One of the Seaviates’ name was Killamari, a giant squid that could shoot spears and harpoons from the suckers on its tentacles.

My younger brother and I would watch this show all the time. We had the action figures and even got the board game.

So go check out our children’s DVD section and relive ’90s cartoons. Thanks to Cookie Jar for producing this TV show.

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